As technology capabilities continue to change, aircraft owners need to keep up with this modernization. Infrastructure updates from analog radar to highly accurate digital terrestrial and satellite systems have produced many opportunities and requirements for today's aircraft. Likewise, OEMs have embraced new technologies with flight deck upgrade options that provide glass cockpit technologies and benefits. In addition, old technology is slowly being replaced and in some cases is no longer supported. Aviation One helps to educate operators about all of these modernization efforts.

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Our Mission

At Aviation One, we pride ourselves on our exceptional installation expertise for avionics upgrades, which can significantly improve the safety, performance, and value of your aircraft. Committed to delivering innovative aircraft solutions, we have been a leader in gaining STCs for the installation of high technology equipment - EMS, Wi-Fi, TCAS, TAWS, EGPWS, Flat Panel Systems, and others - in a variety of turbine aircraft.

Flight Deck Updates

Upgrade packages allow operators to replace their older cockpit technology with new flight deck technology that features all the benefits of flat-panel screens and digital technologies like real-time weather and electronic maps.

Other services include but are not limited to:

  • Transponder Modes A, C, and S including ADS-B
  • 91.411, 91.413 and RVSM Recertifications
  • VHF Communications Systems
  • VHF Navigation (VOR)
  • DME Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Aircraft Attitude and Heading, IRS, AHRS, GYRO
  • Traffic Alerting Systems
  • Flight Management systems Database updates
  • Emergency Locator Beacon Test, battery replacement
  • ULB Underwater Locator Beacon Test
  • GPS and WAAS systems
  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) database updates
  • Autopilot systems
  • Antenna's
  • Weather Radar
  • ADF
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Capability to serve Part 91, 135 and 121 operators
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Whether installing a single unit or a fully integrated package, Aviation One is an expert in its field. Our FAA licensed technicians and installers produce a modern, user-friendly package tailored to the aircraft and pilot. Providing more than just installation, Aviation One supplies the best after-sales support to ensure that all installations and feature services are trouble-free. You can always expect reliable deadlines and budgets when you hire Aviation One to refurbish, repair or maintain your aircraft. When upgrading your current equipment, you'll find our extensive network of aviation professionals to be a valuable resource.

We specialize in layout, fabrication and wiring of all types of panels. Only the highest quality MIL-Spec Teflon coated cable and installation hardware are used. Wiring is always done in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and FAA guidelines. A complete wiring package assures minimal work during final installation. Aviation One can also assist with any additional wiring/installation questions that arise during the installation process.

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